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THE DEFENDER — Portable, Effective & Economical Landfill Fence Netting
Pictured: The DEFENDER Landfill Fencing.
The DEFENDER standing up to full loads of litter in strong winds.
The DEFENDER stands up to full loads of litter when the winds are blowing hard.
It keeps on catching litter wherever it blows. Easily adapts to your changing conditions - outstanding portable landfill debris netting.

  • Strong holding system keeps it standing 10 ft. tall in high winds when full of litter
  • ​10 ft. High by 50 ft. long sections of cable reinforced nets can be connected for a litter fence of any length you need.
  • The DEFENDER is very easy to move, that's what it's designed to do. No need to buy new fencing or move difficult to move T-Post type fence. 
  • Best designed, strongest and easiest to set up portable litter fence on the market.
“We have been using your DEFENDER Fencing for about 8 years. The 50 ft. sections are the ideal size for one person to handle, and are easy to set up and take down. The DEFENDER fencing is perfect for our landfill. It contains the litter much better than other fencing because sections can be added to close off gaps to eliminate any blown litter. They're saving us a lot of time, so that we can run our work-face and spend less time picking litter.

Our customers and local and county officials always comment on how clean and litter free our site is. Our State DNR official likes the fact that we are using these fences to contain the litter. We have also recommended the DEFENDER Fences to other facilities that have inquired about them. The DEFENDER Fences definitely do their job.”
    Landfill Operations Manager
Image shows how high The DEFENDER is compared to a standing man.
Note the man standing on the left, it gives an idea of how tall the DEFENDER is.
Keeping Hawaii free of blowing litter

One landfill in Hawaii bought 1,000 ft of DEFENDER to try. After two weeks they called back and ordered another 2,000 ft. They are located next to a luxury resort on the ocean and needed something effective yet unobtrusive. The DEFENDER was a perfect solution.
A landfill manager from another Hawaiian island saw the DEFENDER in action and ordered 2,000 ft. to control his own blowing litter problems.
Since the first two landfills started using the DEFENDER, another three Hawaiian landfills have bought DEFENDER fencing as well.
 Versatility is built into the design
10ft. high and any length you want
The DEFENDER can be angled into the wind or kept vertical.
The stake system is designed to hold The DEFENDER netting in place to withstand the highest winds.
The DEFENDER can work on uneven or rough terrain.
You can angle the fence into the wind or keep it vertical with the strong yet flexible holding and tensioning system.

With the ability to leapfrog sections (remove 50 ft. sections from one end and attach to the far end), keeping adjacent to your moving working face is a breeze.
The stake system is designed to hold the DEFENDER portable netting up in the highest winds. A unique spring plate for the base of the support mast allows the mast to lean back without stressing it and also keeps the supports from sinking in soft or muddy ground.
Designed to work on uneven and rough terrain. The rope tensioner built into the top and middle cables can be tightened to keep the fence from sagging or drooping.

The bottom cable is a set length of 50 ft. and when it follows the uneven ground the distance between the mast supports becomes closer. The rope tensioner system prevents the top and middle cables from drooping in this case.
Overall Dimensions
  • Each section is 10 ft. tall and 50 ft. long

  • High strength cable reinforced extruded polymer net with UV protection

  • 3/16" vinyl coated, high strength, galvanized cable and 1/2" diameter Nylon rope is used for the holding strength.
  • 2-3/8" diameter heavy walled aluminum pipe is used for the mast supports.
  • 1" diameter x 42" long high strength alloy steel stakes (powder coated) are used for the stake system.
  • Each piece of additional hardware comprising the DEFENDER was chosen based on strength and weather/corrosion resistance.

  • Five year Guarantee
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States
  • All orders are F.O.B. Toledo, Ohio
Here's what our customers say about the DEFENDER...
The DEFENDER litter fencing is shown stopping litter from a neighboring farm in California.
Litter and debris caught in the litter fence.
The DEFENDER stops litter from covering the neighboring farm in California.
“I tell my landfill managers about it, and each one that tries The DEFENDER ends up loving it.”
  Regional Manager
  Midwest Region Republic Services 
“We can put the DEFENDER up in a jiffy. The first time the guys got to setting them up, they had it right the first time. The fence collects paper at the source before it gets away instead of being scattered over acres of ground.”
  Landfill Manager
“It’s a great product, I really believe in it. The operators have said they’re easy to move. So they're always next to the active area, just where they need to be.”
Landfill Manager
Eagle Point Landfill, GA
"We like the DEFENDER a lot. It goes up fast and is easy to move. There's no question about its holding power under high winds. You can tell it's designed for strength.”
  Administrative Manager
  Anderson Landfill, Anderson, CA
"The DEFENDER is a durable, very cost effective way to stop litter. Definitely does the job well.”
  Landfill Owner
  North Tulsa Landfill, OK​
"The DEFENDER is a very inexpensive, and easy way to handle blowing litter in our active area.”
  Landfill Manager
  Frankfort, KY​
"Saves us considerably each day in labor costs for picking up litter. We used to bring in litter pickers every month, now maybe once a month.”
  Landfill Manager
  Sparks, NV
"THE DEFENDER is a godsend. We had 4-6 temp labor staff, but by putting the Defender in strategic places, we have saved a lot of cost, and no longer need to hire the extra help.”
  Landfill Manager
  Imperial Landfill
"We really love 'em, they are very durable. In just a few minutes, we can solve a problem that normally takes days to fix. If regulators see you have fences up, keeping litter in active area instead of in adjacent trees, they won’t hassle you. I’m ordering more in June.”
  Landfill Manager
  Uwharrie Landfill, NC
"We have four of the screens put together and they are awesome.”
  Landfill Manager
  West Texas​
"We had high winds for over 9 hours, with gusts up to 70 mph, and the DEFENDER filled up with litter and stood strong. It performed amazinglywell.”
  Landfill Owner
  Gillette, WY​
Litter Fences for Landfills
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