Litter Fences for Landfills
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Our company is dedicated to providing landfills with the best possible solutions for stopping blowing litter.

Realizing that one product doesn't always work for every situation and budget, we've developed two litter fence designs. We're the only company that's dedicated its resources and accomplished this.

The current design of both the Bull and the Defender are in large part the result of years of improvements from feedback from our customers. We're always ready to listen to make sure you have the best litter fence for your situation at the best value.

A large percentage of our customers purchase additional litter fencing after their initial purchase because they work so well. Our mission of providing the best litter fence available is never done. We will always be looking for ways to improve our products.

Our production facilities in Toledo, OH are dedicated to producing these products with quality control and cost efficiency directly benefiting our customer.

Pictured: A Cat D-8 with trash rack re-positioning The BULL for the day's wind.
Easy to move — two hooks for stability
We researched the different types of equipment that might be used to move the Bull Litter Fence, and designed the adjustable hook system to accommodate each one. Our adjustable hooks go to over 12 ft. when fully extended. Another Bull exclusive.

Having two hooks keeps the Bulls stable and level to the ground when traversing a slope. They won't hit the side of the hill as might happen when only one hook is used.

10 Bulls loaded and ready to be delivered. We ship to all areas of the United States and Canada. We will ship via container ship to all parts of the world. We have them at the military landfill in Guam, they are also keeping Reunion Island beautiful off the East coast of Africa.
The Defender stands up to full loads of litter when the winter winds howl against it.
Litter Fences for Landfills
800-889-4601  |   419-244-7916

A Cat D-8 with trash rack is shown above, re-positioning the Bulls for the day's wind.